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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the first thing I need to do to receive help from New Zion Helping Hands?

Simply call or text +1 (587) 969 5910 to schedule a Virtual Service Needs Assessment Meeting where you will have the opportunity to discuss what you need and how you want New Zion Helping Hands to assist. At this first meeting, you will be provided with the necessary information on how we can best assist you within the scope of our services. You can also schedule this meeting by sending an email to

How does New Zion Helping Hands help Seniors?

We attend to lonely seniors in need of someone to talk to. We do not replace their caregivers, and our presence does not in any way interfere with their services. Our focus is on keeping their company through conversations and making them lively the best way we can. During the service needs assessment meeting, these will be discussed in detail. 

Are Seniors the only focus of New Zion Helping Hands?

Not at all. Seniors are not the only focus of New Zion Helping Hands. We also provide timely and compassionate help to young adults and adults in need of listening ears, families in need of help, students in need of someone to talk to, those in need of emotional and spiritual support, those who need help towards becoming better in life, and anyone in need of active one-on-one listening, conversational and companionship services.

Can I afford the services of New Zion Helping Hands?

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, the help we render at New Zion Helping Hands attracts no charge, though our clients or their representatives are at liberty to make donations or appreciate us with whatever they wish. We are motivated by love, not profit. That being said, for services beyond our office location (Calgary, AB, Canada), our clients or their representatives will be responsible for the associated logistics and costs. But the services will still be rendered at no charge. 

I still have some questions I will like to ask before engaging your services. Whom can I speak with?

You can send an email to the Director of this program through, and you can also use the contact form on this website to submit your inquiries. 

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